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WordPress Maintenance

Our Team has worked with WordPress for more than 15 years!


Protect your digital assets with our robust backup solutions. We implement automated and secure backup systems for your WordPress site, ensuring that your data is regularly saved and easily recoverable in case of unexpected events. Rest easy knowing that your website’s content and configurations are safe and accessible whenever you need them.

Plugin Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our plugin update services. We meticulously manage and apply updates to your WordPress plugins, ensuring that you benefit from the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements. By keeping your plugins up to date, we enhance the overall functionality and security of your website.

Theme Updates

We specialize in seamlessly integrating minor aesthetic refinements, ensuring your WP theme reflects the latest design trends. Beyond the surface, our expert team meticulously applies updates from theme developers, guaranteeing your site remains at the forefront of functionality and style. Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our dedicated theme updates.

WP Core

Safeguard your website’s security and performance by regularly updating the WordPress core. Our expert team manages and implements core updates efficiently, keeping your site in sync with the latest advancements in technology, security measures, and overall WordPress improvements. Trust us to maintain the heart of your website for optimal functionality and protection.

Reasons to Keep WordPress Up to Date

Keeping WordPress up to date is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Security: Regular updates include patches and fixes for security vulnerabilities. Running outdated versions makes your website more susceptible to security threats, including hacking, malware, and other malicious activities. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System which powers around 30% of all the websites. So, WordPress is a big target for hackers that are looking for vulnerabilities.
  2. Bug Fixes: Updates often address bugs and glitches present in previous versions. Staying current ensures a smoother and more reliable performance for your website.
  3. Compatibility: New WordPress releases often come with updates to ensure compatibility with the latest web technologies, browsers, and server environments. Keeping up to date helps prevent issues related to outdated technology.
  4. Performance: Updates may include optimizations and improvements that enhance the overall speed and performance of your WordPress site. This is essential for providing a positive user experience and improving search engine rankings.
  5. New Features: Each WordPress update brings new features, functionalities, and improvements. By staying current, you can take advantage of these enhancements to enrich your website’s capabilities and user interactions.
  6. Plugin and Theme Compatibility: As WordPress evolves, plugins and themes may need updates to remain compatible. Keeping WordPress up to date ensures that your plugins and themes continue to function correctly.
  7. Support: The WordPress community provides support and assistance for the latest versions. If you encounter issues, having an up-to-date version makes it easier to seek help and find solutions from the community.
  8. Legal Compliance: Staying up to date helps ensure that your website complies with the latest legal requirements and regulations. This is especially important for websites that handle user data or engage in e-commerce.
  9. Improved User Experience: Regular updates often include enhancements to the user interface and experience. This can contribute to a more modern and enjoyable experience for your website visitors.
  10. Automatic Updates: Enabling automatic updates for minor releases can streamline the process and ensure that your site is continuously protected and optimized without manual intervention.

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Simple pricing options. No hidden fees. Save one month when paying yearly.


Just Starting Out

  • Weekly Cloud Backups
  • WP Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Weekly Malware Scans
  • Security Checks
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Improved Performance
  • Status Report


Save one month when paid yearly.


Everything you need

  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • WP Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Security Checks
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Improved Performance
  • Status Report


Save one month when paid yearly.


For high-traffic or eCommerce

  • 2x Daily Cloud Backups
  • WP Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Security Checks
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Improved Performance
  • Status Report


Save one month when paid yearly.

Other WordPress Services that We Provide

We don’t stop there. We also offer several WordPress services that are tailored to your needs.


Transform your online presence with our bespoke theme design service. Our expert designers craft visually stunning and highly functional WordPress themes that align seamlessly with your brand identity, ensuring a unique and engaging user experience.


Experience top-notch performance and reliability with our WordPress hosting services. Our hosting solutions are optimized for WordPress, providing lightning-fast loading times, robust security features, and dedicated support to keep your website running smoothly.


Tailor your WordPress site to meet your specific needs with our custom plugin development service. Our experienced developers create plugins that add unique functionalities, enhancing the capabilities of your website and addressing your business requirements.


Eliminate glitches and improve your website’s stability with our bug-fixing services. Our expert team swiftly identifies and resolves issues, ensuring a seamless user experience and preventing potential disruptions to your site’s performance.

Social Media

Amplify your online presence by seamlessly integrating social media into your WordPress site. Our integration services connect your website with popular social platforms, facilitating content sharing, engagement, and a cohesive brand presence across channels.


Unlock the potential of online sales with our comprehensive e-commerce setup service. From platform selection to payment gateway integration, we tailor solutions that transform your WordPress site into a powerful and user-friendly online store.

Search Engine

Boost your online visibility and drive organic traffic with our search engine optimization (SEO) services. Our experts optimize your WordPress site for search engines, implementing proven strategies to enhance rankings and improve your digital presence.


Seamlessly transition your website with our hassle-free migration services. Whether moving to a new hosting provider or updating your server environment, we ensure a smooth and secure transfer, minimizing downtime and preserving your data integrity.

Advisory &

Gain valuable insights and strategic guidance with our WordPress consultation services. Our experienced consultants collaborate with you to understand your goals, providing expert advice on best practices, optimization strategies, and future enhancements for your WordPress site.

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